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Workplace burnout is rampant.  But what causes it?  Is it organizational practices — or is it the employee’s maladaptive response to stress?  And, more importantly, can you actually recover from burnout?

In my interview with Carol Miltersteiner for her new Dutch blog, The Better Achiever, I discussed the 10 organizational stressors that lead to burnout and how to spot burnout in your over-achievers.  And, for the first time, I shared my own personal experience with burnout — and how it led me to not only recover, but thrive after it.

You can listen to my 56-minute interview on:

Dr. Geri Puleo, SPHR, is the President and CEO of Change Management Solutions, Inc., an eLearning and Coaching company focused on eradicating workplace burnout through the B-DOC Model.  An entrepreneur for over 25 years, keynote speaker, author, blogger, business coach, university professor, and researcher, you can see her “in action” by watching her TEDx Talk on YouTube.  To contact Dr. Puleo, please go to www.gapuleo.com

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