Poor Resources, Poor Performance, and Burnout

Are you a manager who is charged with ensuring that your employees will “make it happen” at work – even if you can’t provide the right resources they need to do their jobs well? 

With budgets being slashed and companies reeling from the financial effects of the COVID pandemic, managers have the unenviable task of “making it happen” with even less resources than before.  Maybe there’s no money left to hire desperately needed workers to complete important tasks.  Or maybe your tech is outdated, but there’s no budget left to upgrade. 

These financial constraints are real – but times your employees aren’t meeting performance expectations for reasons that have nothing to do with money. 

Are you providing the necessary guidance to help employees succeed?  How are you assigning tasks to your workers?  Are you clear and concise – even if your own boss wasn’t?  In the age where remote workers have become the norm, are you adopting a laissez-faire attitude toward workers – especially those who are working exclusively from home – and not really giving them the feedback that they need (but may be unwilling to ask for)? 

If you’re not providing the proper human, financial, and managerial resources, you can expect that your employees will not perform well.  And those employees who want to perform well but CAN’T are candidates for burnout. 

In this 22-minute video, I’ll explain some common reasons why companies can’t provide the necessary resources for employees.  I’ll also identify what employees really want and expect in order for them to succeed without burning out.   

© 2021 G. A. Puleo.  Dr. Geri Puleo, SPHR, is the President and CEO of Change Management Solutions, Inc., an eLearning and Coaching company focused on transforming the world of work by eradicating burnout.  To contact Dr. Puleo, please go to www.gapuleo.com

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