Workplace Burnout

There is one staggering truth in the workplace:

Change is inevitable…
but burnout is optional 

If your organization is searching for answers to overcome a lack of employee engagement and a high degree of work-related burnout, then this website can provide you with the tools that you need!

Based on the proprietary research of Dr. Geri Puleo, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, we believe that your employees are your ONLY non-duplicatable competitive advantage.  But we also know that creating a culture that energizes your workers and continuously reaffirms the value of committing to the achievement of your strategic goals can be difficult.

The Role of Burnout in Organizational Sustainability 

Far too often in the modern 24/7 world, employees feel overworked as they struggle with constantly changing organizational priorities and conflicting professional and personal responsibilities.  The result is burnout:  a serious condition that affects workers’ cognitive capabilities, emotional balance, and physical health.

In the research that culminated in the Burnout During Organizational Change Model (B-DOC), it was discovered that there is a very clear similarity between burnout and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  Dr. Geri Puleo discussed these similarities in her TEDx Talk (click on the image to launch the video):

TEDx Screen Shot

The Link Between Burnout and Organizational Success 

When workers are burned out, the resulting disillusion and disengagement undermine their cognitive abilities, creative ideas, and work commitment.  These workforce limitations directly impact your organization’s performance, quality of service, and financial growth.

The goal is to build a culture that is the foundation for a sustainable, engaged, and committed workforce.  In many organizations, this requires transformational changes in 5 high-stress areas of the employee’s work experience:

  • Leadership and Management Practices:  Making the transition from an authoritarian approach to one that is participative throughout the organization builds a culture of trust and respect in which employees feel comfortable to share ideas and implement improvements.
  • Human Resources Policies:  Moving the human resources team from a transactional support position to a strategic business partner ensures that the company’s only nonduplicatable competitive advantage (your workforce) ias always considered in key decisions; this impacts the way in which workers are recruited, developed, and retained.
  • Work-Life Balance:  The shift from a workaholic culture to one that encourages work-life balance results in a workforce that has physical stamina, cognitive capacity, and emotional stability that engenders greater employee curiosity, creativity, and innovation.
  • Job Change and Career Management:  Because jobs in the modern Information Age are constantly evolving, many workers fear that changes in their professional responsibilities may lead to job loss.  By assisting workers in effectively building their competencies and managing their careers, organizations can reap the benefits of a deeper and broader depth of worker knowledge that transcends traditional succession planning.
  • Organizational Change:  Jack Welch (former CEO of GE) famously asserted that the modern business mantra is “change or die!”  Because technology has intensified the speed of change, organizations must continuously question the underlying assumptions of their business models and strategic objectives.  Differentiating between the types, speed, and scope of change ensures that change initiatives can be effectively managed and embraced by workers without burning them out.

To avoid employee burnout and disengagement arising from these 5 workplace stressors requires a fundamental shift in perspective:  to fully harness the power of your only nonduplicatable competitive advantage, you must create and sustain a culture that recognizes and supports the unique human capabilities of your workforce.

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